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    Anima beyond fantasy rpg

    When a character enters combat, he will usually use a weapon rather than only fists and feet. Weapons are objects created with the aim of being wielded in some way as an effective means of attack and defense. Almost anything can be considered a weapon, from a mere tree branch to an arquebus. Types of Attack When a weapon is being used in an attack, it attacks in a specific manner. There are. Song from the Abyss is the new Action RPG set in the world of Gaïa, from the renowned roleplaying book franchise Anima Beyond Fantasy. The game allows you to control two different characters and explore a world full of mysteries. Experience a fluid combat system and a . Anima - Beyond Fantasy Role Playing Game. Anima: Beyond Fantasy features a powerful game engine that allows for incredible flexibility and options for character design and exciting storytelling. The system is robust, detailed, and surprisingly simple, requiring nothing more than the Anima basic rulebook, pencils, paper, and a pair of ten-sided.

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