Emari j sexin you

    Girl I just love sexin on you, sexin on you, sexin on, sexin on you girl. It's all I wanna do. do. it's all I wanna do, sexin on you. Look at you shakin you can't control what you do. Licken so much it's like we swimmin in a pool. Focus when we out, got you moaning calling me daddy That thing ridin so good it reminds me of my caddy. Lyrics to 'Sexing On You' by One Chance. No talkin, just sexin, just sexin yeah! ohh. ohh All I wanna do is sex on you [x4] I act all crazy girl when I get inside of you. (inside of you) [x3] There ain't no ground rules for what I'd like to do [x4] And I'll be puttin it down movin around, goin half on ya baby. The Greek goddess for love and happiness. She will be the one to go to when your feeling down. She will even if you make her and the next day she will forgive you. emari is the most loyal person in the world.

    Emari j sexin you

    emari j sexin you


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