Samba port forwarding ubuntu

    Select your modem/router brand. Click to "close" the ad for PFConfig. Select your model of modem/router. Select "Apache" to set up the ports for your web server. FYI the A in "LAMP" stands for "Apache". Now follow the instructions, hopefully you can get through them and open the ports to your ubuntu home server. smb+port forwarding. 2013. január 16. – 21.42 – Konflikt. samba-t, windows megosztást nem "szokás" belső hálón kívül is elérhetővé tenni. Magyar Ubuntu Közösség. Az Ubuntu a Canonical bejegyzett védjegye. Az ubuntu.hu az fsf.hu kiszolgálóin fut. Dec 29, 2010 · Now, let's add the rules to allow Samba to pass through your firewall. I am going to illustrate this using the IP address scheme. You can adjust this to fit your needs. The commands you need to run, to open up the necessary ports are: sudo ufw allow proto udp to any port 137 from

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    samba port forwarding ubuntu


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