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    Capricornus alone against all

    Alone Against all is the debut full-length album of the great Capricornus, known for his work in both Graveland and Thor's Hammer. Coming from the likes of such incredible and well-known bands, surely there must be much quality coming from this project. The item CAPRICORNUS - Alone Against All (12" LP) is no longer available. FREE STICKERS! Choose [here] CULT OF FIRE. ARKAIK EXCRUCIATION. GHOUL CULT. CAPRICORNUS Alone against all. €13.00. country: POL label: Supernal year: 2004 format: CD Condition: New. Out of stock. Info; Debut album from Capricornus' (THOR'S HAMMER, ex-GRAVELAND) eponymous project. Similar in style to THOR'S HAMMER's 'Three Weeds from the Same Root', but with more extreme vocals and a more radical stance, as well as.

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